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Ptriot Island The rising graph line of muggings,  drug taking, immigration and  general lawlessness makes grim reading in England.

The Miners Arms Public House and Raymond Kershaw, draw the tentacles of destiny together, when he and its occupants decide to challenge the tangled remains of a once proud nation. His computer graphics fantasy, (depicting a new type of life for all his down trodden friends), intensifies into a full grown reality challenge to the hierarchy of the British Government.

People who once had no voice against the Parliamentarians soon find an ally in their new creation…especially when it is opened to the World Wide Web.

Leaked political documents, corrupt people in high places and even vigilantes amongst themselves make Patriot Island a burning issue.

The shallow words from the government of a united nation rings slightly hollow when the British people say…Enough is enough.

A Tale of Two Stories

A Tale of Two Stories


Two young people, Barry Lindenbea and Belinda Prenderghast embark on courtship and marriage through the sixties decade. Their story of trials and tribulations is recorded through each other’s diaries. On the surface it would seem that everything is harmonious but it soon becomes evident to the writer that there are extreme differences.

Barry is convinced that he has a family wealth gene in his make-up whereas Belinda  thinks otherwise. Eccentric characters such as the vaudeville Aunt Polly, the mysterious Uncle John and Eric the train spotter, plus a multitude of whimsical money making schemes, add to the drama within the walls of Gloucester House.

Enjoy both characters relaying their own perspectives on a story they share together and wallow in the nostalgia of ten bob notes, the local Palais de Dance and even bags of chips in newspaper for sixpence. The innocence and naïvety of the swinging sixties awaits you in the ensuing pages.

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