About Me

Born in nineteen hundred and frozen to death, I managed to secure a place in the local grammar school, (UK) leaving with a small handful of GCE’s to go with my fifty yards swimming certificate and Junior School Diploma in ‘How to grow a Hyacinth bulb.’ Not sure how this secured my first job in a ‘Spar’ grocers shop, but my credentials obviously appealed to the Boss, as he immediately thrust me into the delights of the butchers department and I gained valuable knowledge of the insides of a pig (dead) by rummaging inside it with a machete.

My father, then possibly worried by my ever-increasing band-aid covered fingers, pushed me into a Printing apprenticeship, binding me (excuse the pun) to five years of abject misery. Luckily, every night, I pursued my true quest in life as a musician. Stints with such household names as “Rocking Ricky” and the “Velvet collars” as well as dear old “Mister Wayne Fontana”…yes, that one, with “The Mindbenders” for you people who remember the sixties, gave me some meaning to life.

The last eighteen years I have been living in the Canary Islands, where, as well as being a solo musician, I actually returned to writing for various mags throughout the archipelago. One book on the internet, ‘Tenerife Unplugged’, sold reasonably well. It was a ‘Bible’ for budding ‘muso’s wanting to make a living over here. Bit silly as an after thought, because every one who bought it came over  and tried to get my job!

Now modelling oo gauge railways in the garden…Whatever next?

Over the years I have completed novels:

“A Tale of Two Stories” (humour set in the sixties). Now published

“Patriot-Island” (political fiction about Britain today).Now published

‘The girl who talked to cats’ ( children’s story set in the 2nd World War.)


There is a selection of short stories as well as articles (mostly published) on the various relevant pages.

Updates will hopefully be on a fortnightly basis.

Enjoy your perusal and feel free to address me with any feedback.
















Also available:

A Tale of Two Stories

“A Tale of Two Stories”

A Tale of Two Stories

Amazon.com books. (Amazon.co.uk books). Enter site and input the title: A Tale of two Stories.